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Healthy Bladder and Kidneys*
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Dr. Wong's Essentials Cran-Diazyme® is formulated to be used alone as a bladder and kidney health support supplement for its very strong Cranberry content and designed to used in conjunction with our Zymessence® and Magscorbate® in addressing more serious renal issues.* Used either way taking the Cran-Diazyme® is a significant stop in improving ones kidney health.*

Cranberry Extract (berries)
Cranberry prevents bacteria from attaching to the renal system in several ways:
  • It changes the fimbriae, the tiny arms bad bacteria use to cling onto a surface, so that they don't work.[1,2]
  • Further, other chemical properties of cranberries keep the bacteria that don't have the fimbriae from attaching onto surfaces of the urinary tract[3].

Diastase was the first enzyme discovered. "The combination of dextranase plus protease attenuated all components of glomerular injury as judged by clinical and pathologic parameters".[7]

While dextranase used in the study is super expensive, we put an affordable variant of that enzyme in the Cran-Diazyme®.

Serrapeptidase, as it is used in this formula, is designed to increase absorption and enable all the ingredients to work more effectively.

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